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Property Management

The job of the manager at ImmoExpat consists of taking charge of the property of an owner who wishes to entrust its management to a property professional.

The rental management of a property by ImmoExpat relieves the lessor of the day-to-day management of his property: search for a tenant, analysis of applications, drafting of the rental contract, organisation of the inventory of fixtures, follow-up with regard to rental insurance and rental guarantee, registration of the contract, collection of rent, annual indexation of rent, statement of charges, renewal of leases, drafting of appendices to the lease contract when necessary, routine maintenance of the property, payment of bills, follow-up with the co-ownership, assistance with the General Assemblies …. The manager also takes into account changes in the market to enable the owner to better adapt the price and provisions requested.

The manager is the sole contact with the tenant, who informs the manager of any technical or other problems he/she may encounter and resolves them, either directly or by sending the owner a detailed estimate of the work to be done.

The manager reports periodically on its management and pays the funds collected to the owner, after having paid the charges related to the property.

Here is a summary table of fees

  Amount of the rent Prices excl. VAT
less than 800€  8%
from 800€ to 1250€  7,50%
from 1251€ to 2500€  7%
from 2501€ to 6200€  6,50%
from 6201€ to 12500€  6%

At ImmoExpat, our management service is available to all types of clients.

Because of our large clientele of expatriate owners, there is obviously a very high demand for this type of service. Nevertheless, asset management is a service that is widely used by Belgian owners and residents who, due to lack of time or for practical reasons, wish to entrust this work to a professional.

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